Second Life inventory monster striking! 
Wednesday, February 18, 2015, 08:09 PM - Shopping
Posted by Administrator
It seams my inventory monster (I call it Rogen) changed diet and went from TV sets to softer items as clothing.
I never in 6 years time lost any inventory except TV-boxes from Icarus/Mercury before but lately I have lost several items after purchase from Second Life Market Place (SLM). Item bought at SLM disappear when re logging. The common theme is that it is only items moved from the received folder that vanish. As creator I also been contacted for the first time by a customer that lost her purchase in exactly the same way. I gone through the tips & tricks found at Second Life Wiki but no luck. I did contact support today just to see what their response will be. It will likely take couple of days before I hear from them.
The creators I been in contact with this far have shown a grate respect for the situation and redelivered (but not Icarus support GRR).
Well It is not the end of the world but sure as hell it is annoying.
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SF Design updating mainstore! 
Thursday, January 29, 2015, 01:03 PM - News
Posted by Administrator
One of the the grand old brands of clothes in Second Life, one of my all time favorites, SF Design is modernizing and updating the main store.

Swaffette Firefly has supplied high quality full range avatar apparel to a good price for long. Longer than most. Her range of male wear is making her one favorite of mine. It is really hard to find good male clothes in Second Life but a visit to SF Design on market Place or the main store brings hope to lost male shoppers. Product range is wide and covers anything from socks to wedding gowns. Sophisticated and casual for ladies and men.
Good quality, excellent customer care and classy ever lasting style makes me recommend SF Design to any one.

SF Design Main Store SLUR ►
SF Design Second Life Marketplace ►

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Edit prim pivot point in Firestorm video 
Thursday, January 15, 2015, 11:48 AM - SL General
Posted by Administrator
And I uploaded yet another video to show a little trick that Firestorm users can use. How to edit the pivot point in and even put it outside a prim.

I build a simple spiral stair to show how it can be used.
The settings for pivot point (and other cool features) in Firestom is found if opening the preference window. Next to the bottom on the left side tabs you find "Firestorm". Click that then click the second last top tab "Build1".

See the video ►

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Porgan 1800 problems with Opera! 
Tuesday, January 13, 2015, 04:20 AM - SL Creation
Posted by Administrator
Yes, I use opera for various reasons. On my Linux computers Chrome and FireFox browsers lag video streams from YouTube etc so Opera is solving that problem for me. On the other hand I found out that particle Scripts generated by my Porgan does not work just by copying from Opera and pasting in to script document in Second Life. So I would suggest you to not take your Porgan to the Opera.

There is some thing different in the copied text from Opera and maybe there is a setting one can change or just some thing simple when past in to a script in Second Life but to be honest... I am lazy and if using another browser I already have installed immediately makes things work... there is no need for a plan B.
On that note I would like to add that the Porgan 1800 created by Jopsy Pendragon is an excellent particle tool and for us that can't tell tail from head when it comes to particles it is salvation. The price 999 L$ is nothing compared to the value it gives to your builds if you like to add any kind of particle effect and put your name on it. Your friends can use it and there is said there is a free version of it but I hate restricted fun. Porgan is pure fun. Become the Beethoven of particles. It is easy to spend hours just to fool around and create "fireworks" with it. Just the fun of it is worth every Linden penny.

It can only be bought in world as I know. Have not found it on Second Life Marketplace.

Buy your porgan here: SLUR ►

Read more about Porgan 1800 ►

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Let there be light! 
Thursday, January 8, 2015, 02:44 PM - iStyle
Posted by Administrator
My belief system can be summarized with the quote "There is no god but despair not because Mac actually exist!".

Like the mythical old fart I to made light. Well I actually had to torture some prims to do it while he just said the word but never the less... Darkness! Get thee hence!

Mech built 1 Li prim weight.
See it on Second Life Marketplace ►

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New shop in an little odd design, again. 
Thursday, January 8, 2015, 02:07 PM - sHouse
Posted by Administrator
This is the first actual new build I released in almost 2 years I think. I got a friend in need of a small shop and wanted to be seen from little distance but not stick out to much so it is adapted to her needs. I was inspired by an old fire house from the mid 50's I pass now and then in RL.

See it on Second Life Marketplace ►

As my other shops it is simple but to start with it is the first one build from get go in mesh. It is made in to two objects with a 56 prim Li.

• Land Impact = 56 Li.
• 30x20 meters footprint / 450 m2/sqm.
• One object to rez.
• Modifiable • Copyable • No Transfer allowed
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iStyle FREE PrimDispenser Video Tutorial 
Thursday, January 8, 2015, 01:32 PM - Tutorials
Posted by Administrator
Contagious Republic released v6.4 of SculptCrafter and I had to check if my iStyle FREE PrimDispenser worked with the update and it seams like it did. At the same time I made a tutorial how to set up the PrimDispenser to work. I'm from Sweden so I hope the heavy accent does not hurt the viewer to bad.

Watch tutorial @ YouTube ►

Get the iStyle FREE Prim Dispenser ►

Get SculptCrafter ►

More ►

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Most sold shop updated! 
Thursday, January 8, 2015, 09:32 AM - sHouse
Posted by Administrator
The most sold one of my simple shops is the smallest Mini Shop #001. It is in fact a whole new product. The earlier versions where built mainly from 2 sculpted prims and prim walls and floor. Version 2.0 is one object mesh.

See it on Second Life Marketplace ►

Version 1.1 was made with 13 prims (sculpted and standard system prims) and put together in 2 objects One base object and one phantom. With the mesh feature coming to Second Life it came to have an land impact (Li) of 13 prims weight. In this release of version 2.0 I added a version 1.2 update never sold separately before. I changed the walls to be simple one surface walls and sized so no prim was sticking in to the ground and by setting the non phantom object to convex hull it reduced the Li from 13 to only 8 Li in total.

The v2.0 with a Li of 16 prims weight is actually a whole new product. It is a new design and it is 100% mesh and made in to only one object and there for no need for a rez box. It has 7 texture faces that can be changed. Beware of changing the stairs/"concrete" face. it is not tiled 1:1 and runs over several different tiled parts making it bit tricky to get right. It all depends of the texture in use. The inner floor texture is "mono-graphic", meaning it has no other surface with different mapping or features to it. Changing the floor is therefor easy because mapping etc is only effecting that surface. Mesh version does not have doors as of today. I might update it with doors but as I understand a store building of this size most creators rather not have doors. The v1.2 still got the static open doors incorporated in one of the structural mesh parts.

Instead of making a new item "Mini Shop #003" and keep the sales hit v1.1 as a separate product I decided to do a hybrid update. Keeping same size and use same textures makes it look similar. All customers that bought the v1.x of this build will get the v2.0 even if it is in fact a new product with a slightly higher price. The v1.2 and if needed updates of it will always be a part of future updates of the v2.0. I think it can come in handy when prim count is really important.

FACTS v1.2:
• Land Impact = 8 Li.
• 15x15 meters footprint / 225 m2/sqm.
• Packed in rez box.
• Dubble auto update search when rezzed or once/week if rezzed.
• Modifiable • Copyable • No Transfer allowed

FACTS v2.0:
• Land Impact = 16 Li.
• 15x15 meters footprint / 225 m2/sqm.
• One object to rez.
• Dubble auto update search when rezzed or once/week if rezzed.
• Modifiable • Copyable • No Transfer allowed
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A fitting rigged/fitted mesh wear hint. 
Thursday, January 8, 2015, 08:46 AM - SL General
Posted by Administrator
Some times I find it hard to explain and not be able to show when I help some one. I found out that small videos are excellent tools and if one person need to know maybe some one else is looking for same answer?

Right click image and select open link in new tab to see video in YouTube ►

Any how... I made this little video that shows how you by changing the mass features of your avatar (fat and muscles) can reach a better fit of what you wear.
In appearance there are features like muscular both for torso and legs, belly size, butt size and body fat that can be changed and are not part of the mesh fit/rig bone structure. By changing these settings you can fill out/shrink in to outfits where the standard sizes does not fit 100¤%. This is not the holly grail of outfit fitting techniques but it is one little trick to get a better result.
I use to save my shapes made for specific outfit in a folder named outfits and then add the outfits name or a way to identify it. When I then make an outfit and save it I change shape to automatically but I still have the main shape intact. My main shape today is named Mac 16 (it is the 16th generation of major change) sod I have it in 3 heights. My original hight since a while is 2,2 meters and then I have an 2 meter and one 1,72 meter. The last one is my real life length. An outfit custom shape could be named like "Mac 16 2.20 [RAD] Shorts ¥ Tank". In this case [RAD] is the brand and makes it easy for me to relate the shape to right outfit. This shape i saved either in my folder named Custom Shapes or some times i save it on a complete outfits folder. When I first time make a outfit to wear I always save it.
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SculptCrafter mesh making video on YouTube. 
Friday, January 2, 2015, 10:31 PM - SL Creation
Posted by Administrator
My first video on YouTube is uploaded. It is of poor quality and I could not use the free software time-laps function. The slowest setting was 1 frame generated every minute. 10 minutes became fragments of a second.

Right click image and select open link in new tab to see video in YouTube ►

I made this just to show a friend first of all how I did it. Was hard to explain in typing in Second Life when both of us are actually not speaking English normally and to visualize some thing to another person can be hard even if there is no lingual obstacle. I hope this video show him the basic idea how to use SculptCrafter to make decant mesh items for second life.
The table was made from 6 prims and came out 2 prims land impact as mesh. I might have been able to make a lighter item tweaking the LOD levels when uploading but in this case I wanted a little more stabile LOD instead of saving one prim.
There is another benefit to mesh SculptCrafter items beside LOD and customer demand for mesh - the boundary box! There are other fixes for that problem but this is one way to do it.

This is a quick "how to":

1. Create your sculpty "mockup" with SculptCrafter and save the .bmp-file on to your computer.

2. Upload the sculpty map to Second Life and make a sculpty in right size.

3. Right click the item and select "More" 2 times and then "Save As". Then select "Collada". This opens up the file download pop-up to name & save the .dae-file on to your computer.

4. Open Blender (for example) and delete the cube using "Delete" key and then "Enter".

5. Go to top drop down menu in Blender and select Import > Collada (Deafult) (.dae). Find the saved file from Second Life.

6. Go to top drop down menu in Blender and select Export > Collada (Deafult) (.dae). Under "Export Collade" to the left select Sl-OpenSim. There can be 3 different Second Life options and select the one that works for you. Name and save the file where you easily find it.

7. Under Avatar or build menu in Second Life viewer you find upload and upload mesh model. Select the file saved from Blender.

The tweaking and physics settings etc are individual and dependent of project but get to know the upload tool in Second Life Beta Grid (Aditi). To get there you need to set your viewer to allow other grids log on. Setting is found in Preferences and Advanced in Firestorm.

Texturing of a pure SculptCrafter mesh is the same as you texture a SculptCrafter sculpty.

Note that you can save linked sculpty, mesh and prim as Collada and import that file to Blender or other editing program for 3D objects.

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