No full permission alpha gets minus in rewivs! 
Tuesday, November 11, 2014, 07:46 PM - Shopping
Posted by Administrator

There is non what so ever good reason to not add a full permission alpha texture for mesh/sculpted prim wear. How ever there is plenty of good reasons why creators should do it.

Creators that refuse to add the full permission alpha texture used in the alpha layers will get one or two star minus in reviews from me. If it is a single item wear I will take off one star in my review of the item. If it is a whole outfit with one alpha layer and no full permission alpha textures I will take off 2 stars.

I think this is the only way to make creators to understand how fucked up stupid they are not providing the texture. It is not like people are going to ripp off, sell these textures on the black market or copy items from that layer only and become huge 84 sim owning Second Life crime lords.

The nuisance to not add the full permission alpha layer is based on a screwed up copy right philosophy that in this case harms the customer for no reason what so ever. Creators will not loose money upholding a high service level adding the texture and no one will earn a penny from them by copying it and do what?

Creators... PLEAS! Do it good, do it right!
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WARNING! CamStudio free screen recording software! 
Saturday, February 15, 2014, 12:24 AM
Posted by Administrator

Do not install CamStudio!

This is one of these free software that packs your computer with pure shit and makes it vulnerable to intrusion and other nasty shit.


I hope this post eventually will find its way on to the search engines to warn people. The kind of people creating this kind of shit free downloads are not serious. They claim it is free but it is not. They earn their money on ad-software packed in to it and they get paid to open up your computer for intrusion. That is NOT free, it is damn costly. Do not support this crap creator by using his shit software!

It installs MySearchDial!!!

It is the worst damn crap you can get on your computer. Never ever install "free" software that installs other software than the one you thought you downloaded. It can cost you more than you asked for.MySearchDial is among the worst toolbar crap there is STAY AWAY!

Use NCH Debute instead!

NCH Home ►

Debute Download ►

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No more comments allowed thanks to cock sucker! 
Thursday, February 13, 2014, 12:43 PM
Posted by Administrator
There are idiots of every kind and one of the kind is the ones spamming and trolling. Well in my world I'm the god, this is my world and I just took of the comment thing.

Piece of a cake!

The ordinary world is such a sad place and I am glad I have my own good world where it is perfect.

I win, you loose! ;-)

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For ever missed! 
Sunday, November 24, 2013, 06:29 PM - Friends
Posted by Administrator

The depth of sorrow can not be measured. Sorrow is what struck me when I got to know that beloved Tallulha "Tally" Gracemount left us.

She was a beloved daughter, mother, wife and grandmother. A loved friend to all.

My condolences to her family and loved ones. I also keep all you dear friends of Tally in mind. I feel your sorrow and carry it with you all. In our memories and in our dreams Tally will always stay alive as a beacon of what a wonderful honor to know her in life it was.
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Product update ideas? 
Monday, August 26, 2013, 06:45 PM
Posted by Administrator
With beginning September 2013 I will start updating some products. If you as using customer have any idea or input to give that would improve the product, pleas contact me.

Click to mail me your thoughts!


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"I Fuck & Run" upsets. No shit? 
Monday, August 26, 2013, 05:57 PM - News
Posted by Administrator

I was contacted by an upset SL-resident at Bahamas Swinger Club today. The reason was my tag saying "I Fuck & Run". For some reason this person could not adjust to where she was and seamed unable to grasp the concept of irony. In her defence, it makes me laugh when people with problems like her's contacts me and it makes wearing the tag even more enjoyable. It makes me evil, I know this.

I would like to say to all people upset about my tag in second life that Linden Lab's would love to get all complaints of all tag's that are non serious, sexual and used with no shame. They should, for sure, all be banned from Second Life. Bad taste to use sexual tags in a adult sim should render user a life time ban.

[08:40] Dxxx Rxxxx: so with a group title like that do you actualy]ly find women who are so low on themselves to actually fuck you
[08:41] Mac Shoreman: I you only knew...
[08:41] Mac Shoreman: More than I asked for actually.
[08:42] Dxxx Rxxxx: thats seriously disturbing
[08:43] Mac Shoreman: Well as well as the lack of some peoples ability to understand irony. Yes I agree.
[08:43] Dxxx Rxxxx: oh i just dont understand why you would think that is funny
[08:45] Mac Shoreman: LOL Well... Every time some one IM's me and complain it becomes more and more funny. I hade it for 4 years and it becomes even more and more hilarious each time. Makes me laugh at people not with them and I know. I will never go to heaven.
[08:47] Dxxx Rxxxx: well all i can say is being here in secondlife so long i have come to realise there are certain reasons people come to sl and one that tends to stand out is they are mental or disabled so im assuming you are one
[08:47] Dxxx Rxxxx: enjoy being a prick
[08:48] Mac Shoreman: LMFAO... I will and you enyoy your bitchlife too. You ended up on my blog. ;-)

Actually first time I was called a prick in SL.
Actually I get lill pissed off when she tell's me I'm mental or disabled. Im sorry she does not have any fucking respect for people that are not "normal". I wish I was disabled and mental if that would make me more different from the person she is. Does it mean mentally ill people and disabled are less good people in general? I would say... I would never in my life wana fuck her. I would rather just run.
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I have been absent in SL for a while... 
Thursday, August 1, 2013, 01:35 AM - General
Posted by Administrator
... and I will still be for a while.

The reason for my absence is simple. I have allot on my plate in real life and the opposite, I have some vacation time to enjoy in the middle of all this.

I will be back in Second Life on regular basis in the fall but till then I do some guest appearances now and then.

If you have any questions you can always mail me direct at
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Second Life log on problems. 
Sunday, March 24, 2013, 10:45 PM - General
Posted by Administrator
Just to let you know

I have problems to log on to Second Life. I get following error message:

"We're having trouble connecting."

Does not matter what viewer I use and can not use my 2 alt accounts either.


The problem was my D-Link routers. I have one DIR-615 and one DIR-635. D-Link have a built in flaw which means the date/time can't be set further than to 2012 December 31 11:59:59 PM. As long as no one touch the router it will work fine but I hade to reset my routers so the date settings got fucked up. Correct date settings on client computer and router is demanded by Linden Lab's to log on to Second Life.

This effects all D-Link network routers except:
DIR-655 Rev B1, DIR-857, DIR-865L, DIR-657, DIR-645, DGL-4500

This is a statement from D-Link dated before January 7th:

"We are currently working on the issue, for now, as a work around, we are suggesting for those customers that can, to set up NTP and move to that method of updating the time and date. Several F/W updates are coming and we should be able to move forward fixing this issue." READ MORE HERE

D-Link have faild to distribute updated firmware with working date/time settings. There is a work-around how ever. Most routers have NTP server time update. Do not use the D-Link ones default selectable, use This will solve the problem. The "Copy Your Computer's Time Settings" does not work on most D-Link routers (which would be a good solution thoug most on line games with client software have issues with routers set to use NTP-servers)

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Non listed articles about 3D creation software. 
Tuesday, March 19, 2013, 04:38 PM - Tutorials
Posted by Administrator
I have put up some start articles about some 3D modeling tools that can be used for creating advanced objects in Second Life. These are not added in the ordinary blog because I want them to be dynamic and a part of what I hope will be a guide for Second Life residents interested in starting to create.

Be patient, I'm in no hurry my self and I do bits and pieces here and there. If you have a specific question about creating things in Second life (scripts are not my strongest side though) you can send me an email. Click HERE!

Latest non listed articles.

Blender ►
SculptyPaint ►
Wings 3D ►
Art Of Illusion ►
Autodesk Maya ►

I will add sub articles on all the software listed and also add plug-in's and eventually even tutorials how to get started. All in due time.
The main article "Sculpty & Mesh Creation" is reachable from the right side "CONTENT" menu.
Main Article ►

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5th Annual SL Buddy Walk 
Monday, March 18, 2013, 06:25 PM - Charity
Posted by Administrator

5th Annual SL Buddy Walk & EXPO March 17-31

The Buddy Walk® is a one-mile walk in which anyone can participate without special training. It is a wonderful, heart-warming event that celebrates the many abilities and accomplishments of people with Down syndrome. Whether you have Down Syndrome, know someone who does, or just want to show your support, come and join a Buddy Walk®.

New for this years SL Buddy Walk is the expo. In the real world the Buddy Walk is a one-mile walk raising awareness and collecting pledges to benefit Down Syndrome. In Second Life it will be a bit different, there will be a path to walk, but the main festivities will be the all day entertainment on the 21st and then a 2-week charity fair.

The first SL Buddy Walk took place 2008 and was an all music event with 4 live artists and 4 DJ's. At the first even they raised more than 55.000 L$. All donations will go directly to NDSS (the American National Down Syndrome Society).

Live Performance Program 21th of March

2pm SLT - Mankind Tracer
3pm SLT - CQ – Colorful Quiet
4pm SLT - Maximillion Kleene
5pm SLT - The Follow
6pm SLT - Porter Paquot
9pm SLT - Noma Falta
10pm SLT - Edward Kyomoon
Listed with reservations for changes.

Website ►
Blog ►
FaceBook ►

There are several donation kiosk's around the grid.
If you can not find one, pleas visit the venue.

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